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The Market for Temperature Sensors in the Americas, 3rd Edition Q1 2014

The Market for Temperature Sensors in Europe Q2 2014

 Two New Market Studies from Flow Research


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Its time to update our temperature sensors study! 

Its been nearly six years since we published our second Americas temperature sensors study, and many of our customers have asked if were going to come out with a new one. They also wanted to know if we can study the European temperature sensor market. 

The answer is yes. Were now gearing up to start The Market for Temperature Sensors in the Americas, 3rd Edition and a companion study, The Market for Temperature Sensors in Europe.

The temperature sensors market is diverse, with many suppliers and a number of different technologies. During the last few years supplier consolidation has continued, and temperature sensor technology has evolved. Flow Research proposes to take a new look at the temperature sensor market, including:

- Trends
- 2011 market shares for the suppliers of each temperature sensor type
- Growth forecasts for each type of temperature sensor, extending through 2016 
- Growth forecasts for all temperature sensors for each industry 
- How the market has changed in the last five years 

In the last study, we found a shift from thermocouples to Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs), and a shift within RTDs from wirewound to thin-film. At the same time, thermistors are still widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, and HVAC industries. Other members of the temperature sensors market include infrared and fiber optic.

Before we mail out the final proposal, wed like your input. Please contact Belinda@flowresearch.com

Input (Doc)

Input (PDF)

Thank you!


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