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November, 2006

Dear Marketing Manager:

So far, we have received a very strong response to our temperature sensors study, The Market for Temperature Sensors in the Americas, 2nd Edition.  This 440-page study gives you a complete analysis of the market for thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, infrared thermometers, and thermowells.  It identifies growth segments, provides forecasts and market shares, and includes profiles of 71 temperature sensor suppliers. 

I am also pleased to report that the companion study, The Market for Temperature Transmitters in the Americas, 2nd Edition, is now complete.  We last did a study on the temperature transmitter market in 2000.  This new study brings you completely up-to-date on this market.  It includes low cost, analog, programmable, smart, and high-tier temperature transmitters.  The study reports on changes that have occurred in the market since 2000, and identifies new growth trends.  It includes forecasts, market shares, strategies, and company profiles of all the companies we identified as playing a significant role in this market.  For more details on both the temperature sensors and the temperature transmitter studies, go to www.tempflows.com

How will this study help you?  This study tells you how many temperature transmitters are being sold, who are the leading suppliers, what segments are growing, what end-users are looking for, what technology trends are influencing the market, and much more.  If you are involved in the temperature transmitter market, this is a must-have study for you.  And now is the time to order the study, when it is “hot off the press,” with 2006 numbers.

One result we found is the continued trend towards the use of programmable temperature transmitters.  A number of companies have added programmable temperature transmitters to their product lines in the past several years, and this has contributed to the growth in this market segment. We also found that the move toward smart is continuing, and that the use of Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus has increased significantly since our last study.

Another important trend we looked at is the trend towards wireless temperature transmitters.  While wireless has had a limited effect on this market up to this point, it is the fastest growing segment of the temperature transmitter market.  The use of wireless temperature transmitters is expected to increase dramatically as more suppliers enter this market.  Customers are using wireless transmitters in remote locations, and also are buying them to save on wiring costs.

The structure of this study is as follows:

Chapter One:               Executive Summary

Chapter Two:             Scope and Methodology

Chapter Three:             Product Definition and Technology Analysis

Chapter Four:             Market Size and Growth Forecast

Chapter Five:               Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers

Chapter Six:                Strategies for Success

Chapter Seven:             Supplier Profiles

Appendix A:               A Study Proposal

Appendix B:               Temperature Sensor and Transmitter Suppliers

While this is a study of the Americas market, we also break it down geographically as follows: United States, Canada, and Latin America.  The study includes market size in both dollars and units, growth forecasts to 2011, average selling prices for temperature transmitters by type, growth factors for temperature transmitters, and much more.  The Strategies chapter discusses how to successfully sell into this growing market.  And Chapter Seven includes 23 profiles of temperature transmitter suppliers.

Both this study and the temperature sensors study give you details about the market in Latin America.  We found a significant number of indigenous suppliers to both markets, located mainly in Brazil and Argentina.  Latin America, which includes both South America and Central America, is the fastest growing region among those studied.  With growth in the energy markets, along with growth in the food processing and power industries, Latin America is likely to show good growth for the foreseeable future.  This is a region you should know about if you are in the temperature business.

While we have spent eight months researching the temperature market, the study doesn’t do anyone any good if it sits on the shelf.  That’s why we are maintaining our pre-publication offer for this study.  If you act now, you can still receive this 310-page study for $4,200, including both the electronic and the printed versions.  This is an exceptional value for a completely up-to-date and comprehensive study on the temperature transmitter market.  To order, simply fill out the EZ Order Form, or call us at (781) 245-3200.

Kind regards,

Jesse Yoder, PhD


Flow Research, Inc.

P. S. If you haven’t yet ordered your copy of our temperature sensors study, you might want to consider taking advantage of our discount for ordering both studies together.  Call us for more details on one or both of these exciting new studies.  And to get the pulse of end-users, we are publishing a survey of temperature users in January.  This is your opportunity to find out what end-users really think about the temperature markets.   

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